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Published on 09 December 2018

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Captain Marvel's cat is more important than some might think!
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So, that latest Captain Marvel trailer on ESPN's Monday Night Football was pretty cool, right?! Brie Larson's character looks so incredibly powerful - just like we were promised!

Rather surprisingly, in spite of the fact that it showcased some pretty amazing action scenes, one of the most talked-about moments was actually the final scene when Nick Fury took a liking to Carol Danvers' cat.

Now, you may think the ginger little furball was an ordinary feline - but you'd be very, very wrong!

In this video, we'll be telling you the truth about Carol Danvers' cat.

In the comics, it's called Chewie, but in the MCU it's rumoured it will be called Goose - as a cool reference to the character played by Anthony Edwards in 1986's Top Gun (given that Carol Danvers is a pilot and all).

But Chewie is no ordinary cat. It's actually an alien called a "Flerken" - and although members of the Flerken species resemble Earth cats in appearance and behaviour, they actually lay eggs (up to 117 in one go) and possess a myriad of tentacles that extend from their mouths.

Their bodies also hold pocket realities, which are bubbles of space and time that exist in other worlds. So yeah, not that ordinary!

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