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KEPRI 29422 Elevators

by: KEPRI 29422 Elevators

Published on 26 October 2018

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This is the service elevator at BCS Mall, Batam.
Today, this elevator is very busy and security guard was ride in this elevator.
Amazingly, the inside hall buttons and indicators are made with compact design.

Brand: Hyundai
Model: STVF Geared Traction
Year installed: 2005
Capacity: 1500kg / 20 Persons max
Floor served: B,G,1,2,3,R (6 Floors)
Chime bell: Yes
History: Original
Manufacturer: Hyundai Elevator Co.Ltd

“R”: Rooftop, Cinema 21, and BCS Mall Management office

Taken date at 25 October 2018
Camera: iPhone 6

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