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Etrailer | Thule Roof Rack Review - 2014 Ram 1500



Published on 2014 November 05

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Full transcript: https://www.etrailer.com/tv-review-thule-roof-rack-2014-ram-1500-tharb60.aspx
Today on our 2014 Ram 1500 we're going to be test fitting the Thule Rapid Traverse roof rack system. We're using the 60" aero blades. That's part number THARB60, the Rapid Traverse foot packs, which are part number TH480R, and the Thule fit kit, part number TH1520. Now we already have the rear bar installed on our vehicle so we're going to show you how to install the front. We'll begin by opening our doors. Once we have them open we're going to place the roof rack right up onto the front edge of our roof. Once we have it in place there we need to do a couple measurements.

We're going to do one on each side and we're going to measure 4-1/4" from the rear edge of our windshield to the leading edge of our foot pack here. Now this measurement we do on both sides. This is going to help us ensure that we have our feet in line with one another. There's also a second measurement that we do when we install the rear bars. That's going to be from the middle of our front blade to the middle of our rear blade. That should be 31-1/2" on both sides.

We do that on both sides as well. That's just to make sure, one, that our feet are in line with each other, but also that our bars are running parallel. Now that we've got them in the appropriate position we're just going to first take the slack out of the bolt to where that just comes up and lightly presses against the underside. That will help us ensure that we've got it square on both sides and that we're going to get equal pressure on both of our foot packs. Once we've got the play out we'll start tightening it down a little bit. We'll do a little bit at a time on each side just to be sure as we tighten it down that it tightens squarely onto the roof. Now your Traverse kit will come with the tool that I'm using here.

The tool has a notch here at the top of the gray part. Then there's a long line that runs through the middle of the green part. As you're tightening it down that twists, and you want to twist it until those two lines line up. That's going to indicate to you that you've got the proper torque applied to that bolt. Come over here and do our final tightening on this side.

There we go. Now a great feature of the Rapid Traverse foot pack system, the tool is going to be included, and storage is pretty easy on it. You can just stick it right in there to the foot pack, close the cover right over top of it. That way it's always going to be available when you need it to make an adjustment or maybe remove your bars or what have you. With our front and rear secure, that's it for our installation. That will complete today's test fit of the Thule Rapid Traverse roof rack system using part numbers THARB60, TH480R, and THKIT1520, on our 2014 Ram 1500. .

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