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AFP Journalist On Covering The I.C.J.

Channel 5 Belize

Channel 5 Belize

Published on 2018 December 04

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The AFP, or the Agence France-Presse, is an international news agency with over fifteen hundred journalists contributing to its twenty-four-hour news coverage from across the globe. The AFP has one news outlet in The Hague with a staff of four. They cover news from the Netherlands, the International Criminal Court, the Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals and with an office just a few blocks from the International Court of Justice, it extensively covers each case that goes before the court. The Belizean media pool, which was in The Hague last week, got the opportunity to meet with senior correspondent Jan (Yon) Hennop, to find out what it is like covering the settling of the world’s most prominent international disputes.

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