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This video shows how easy it is to replace timing belt (also known as cambelt) for 1.9 TDI PD engine. The car in the video is first generation of Skoda Superb (3U). This car is a sister car to Volkswagen Passat B5+. So these instructions can be applied to facelift of VW Passat B5 - also known as B5+ or B5.5

Here's the link to full description of this job with images, also available in printable format:

I have few useful links for you:

If you are looking for timing belt tool set here's the link to relevant eBay page:

Personally, out of all choices, I have chosen this one (works even on my new 2012 VW Sharan common rail engine):

Also in addition, because it's PD engine, for perfection torsion value needs to be adjusted, here's good article about it: - free online car manuals + social network for drivers

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