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Rishi Kapoor Knows That Ranbir Will Cheat Alia

Smoky Evening

Smoky Evening

Published on 2019 October 04

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Rishi Kapoor Knows That Ranbir will Cheat Alia. Being a father, Rishi knows every loop holes of his son and that’s natural . The Great Kapoor Family is well-known for talent as well as for being womanizers. The legacy started from Raj Kapoor and it is continuing till Ranbir Kapoor. Most of the actors from Kapoor family always played love games with many actresses. They are not only famous for the playboy image, but they are also alcoholic, drug addicted and arrogant. Ranbir’s uncle, Randheer Kapoor also had a pathetic married life only for having all these habits. That’s why Babita, mother of Karishma and Kareena, left him and stay separated for a long time. Recently, Rishi Kapoor has said something about his son Ranbir that can make you shocked. In a chat show, Rishi Kapoor was asked whether his son is going to cheat Alia or not and he just got irritated after that. He said that he won’t give that advice to his son to cheat Alia ever. Rishi Kapoor himself was a playboy when he was a shining hero in bollywood. His relationship with Dimple Kapadia and other leading actresses were well-known. For this womanizing habit, he always had a troubled married life with Neetu Kapoor. Even today, Neetu Kapoor hasn’t forgiven him for all the mistakes Rishi did when he was young. There was time when Neetu was ready to leave Rishi and stay alone with her kids. But, she never got separated so that her kids cannot go through a disturbed childhood. Now When Rishi Kapoor is realising that his son is following his footprint only, he gets scared. According to reports, Rishi Kapoor advised Ranbir to learn from his parents’ life.In an interview, Rishi said that Alia is a good girl and Ranbir should not cheat her anyway. He also added that though Ranbir should marry Alia but anything can happen in life. It means Rishi is also not confident about Ranbir’s commitment to marry Alia. According to Rishi, Alia is the perfect girl to be the ‘Kapoor Khandaanki Bahu’. In that interview, Rishi said that he and Neetu like Alia a lot and Ranbir shouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Report says that, Neetu Kapoor always warns Ranbir to get married with Alia as soon as possible because a mother knows her son the best. Neetu never liked Deepika and Katrina with Ranbir and she never wanted her son to marry them. But this time Neetu is really happy that Ranbir is dating with Alia who is actually fit for her family. But both Neetu and Rishi are also in confusion whether Ranbir will marry Alia or not

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